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Crossing continents in the pursuit of science
The use of genetically engineered mice has opened countless possibilities for advancing the study of human diseases. Read about Alessandra Piersigilli, a scientist in Switzerland, whose interest in our online courses in Genomic Pathology led to a fellowship in Davis, Calif.


Improving Healthcare through Analytics
The healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental changes as it shifts from a volume-based to value-based framework, and healthcare organizations are striving to reduce costs, better manage risk and improve population health. Harnessing the wealth of electronic health data now available will provide these organizations the opportunity for large-scale analytics to transform healthcare delivery.

Featured Courses

Introduction to Healthcare Analytics
In this introductory course, participants explore the value proposition for ‘clinical intelligence’ and the role of analytics in supporting a data-driven ‘learning healthcare system.’

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Health Informatics and Analytics

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Online certificate program

Learn more about the Online Certificate Program in Health Informatics.

Health Informatics Course Samples
Learn more about the online format and course content. Preview course samples from the Health Informatics Certificate Program by watching these course samples:

Clinical Decision Support

HIS Analysis and Design

Introduction to Health Informatics

Public Health Informatics


Genomic Pathology Video

Watch a video about the Genomic Pathology program.


In Which Areas Do Organizations Plan To Hire Staff for the Transition to E-Health Records?

Check out this series of videos on important issues related to health information technology and exchange from the California eHealth Initiative.