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Distance Learning Class

Public Health Informatics

Gain an overview of information technology applications in the public health domain, focusing on the collection, verification, exchange and utilization of data related to populations as well as the infrastructure, functions and tools used to generate public health knowledge. Explore data mining techniques and the use of geographical information systems in mapping public health data. Disease surveillance, web-based public health education, policy and the future of public health informatics will also be addressed.


Students should have completed a large portion of the Certificate Courses in Health Informatics prior to enrollment or consent of instructor / UC Davis Extension.


UC Davis Extension faculty.


Course begins Wednesday, January 14, 2015 and ends Friday, March 27, 2015. Enrollments accepted through January 7, 2015.


You must provide your email address when enrolling to receive your password. Please set up your email account to receive email from ""; otherwise, the email containing your password may not reach your inbox. You will receive your password via email on the start date, or within two business days of enrolling if you enroll after the start date. From the day you receive your password, you will have until the completion date noted above to complete the course. If you do not receive your password in the time frame noted, please visit the Online Learning Campus Support Center at Open a new ticket, and select "Password Issues" from the Help Topics. This is not a self-paced course. Students will progress through the course together. Lessons will be posted one week at a time. The previous week's lesson will remain available for the duration of the course. Students who enroll after the start date of the course will have to contact the instructor regarding missed lessons.

Technical requirements:

A stable Internet connection and a current email account. Most online courses also require the ability to view PDF documents and Flash-based presentations, and speakers or headphones to hear audio presentation. If you plan to access an online course using an iPad, iPod or an iPhone there are a variety of Flash web browsers available in the App Store that can enable your iPad/iPod/iPhone to view Flash content. More info.



Special Discounts:

10% discount for organizations enrolling three or more people at the same time in the same course. All registrations must be submitted at the same time and fees paid with one check, credit card or purchase order.


3 quarter units academic credit, X420.33, 30 BRN Hours




Enrollment policies:

Refund or transfer requests will be approved, less a $30 processing fee, if a written request is received within two weeks of your start date and if you have not gone beyond Lesson One. Please visit the OLC Support Center at by clicking on the support button in the upper right corner of the website, open a new ticket, then select Course Withdrawal/Transfer Request from the Help Topics. You will need to include your name, the course title and the course section number.



Earn a Certificate

This course is part of these certificate programs:

Health Informatics