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About Us

Students have been coming to UC Davis Extension's International English and Professional Programs for more than 35 years, because they want to fulfill their dreams and create their futures. Here they have found a community of active, friendly instructors and staff who are dedicated to helping them have the most rewarding experience of their lives.

Like the UC Davis campus itself, the Orchard Park Extension Center and the Cowell Center are the settings for a wide range of courses and services. Here you can explore new options that you may not have even thought of before. You can sign up for college-bound tutorials, take a leadership class or enroll in campus classes once you master the language courses.

Many students finish one program and then sign up for another one. But the Centers are not just about classes. They are where everyone—instructors, student employees and staff—cares about you and helps you to learn, grow and explore in many ways. We have:

  • Teachers who make you think hard and express yourself in ways you didn't know you could
  • Peer tutors who explain the tough stuff and encourage you
  • Recreational Program Leaders (RPLs) and Conversation Group Leaders (CGLs) who spend time with you during activities, trips and events, and help you practice your English and make new friends
  • Advisers who lead you through the difficult and lengthy application processes for U.S. schools and universities
  • A Multimedia Resource Center (MRC) and computer laboratories that create special self-study opportunities and help you exactly where you want to improve
  • Personal coaches who assist you in developing goals to achieve your objectives

Be Excited and Challenged

Stay motivated and achieve your academic goals. When you study at UC Davis Extension, you will be challenged to learn new ways of thinking and being. You will begin to see yourself as part of a growing international community and become comfortable living in a different culture.

There are many options. You can find an internship or leadership opportunity to expand your future professional opportunities. You can volunteer in community organizations and learn how to lead through teamwork.

Or you can sign up for a personal coach. We, the staff and faculty at the International English and Professional Programs at UC Davis, strongly believe in our mission to help you achieve your goals, academically as well as mentally. Keeping you motivated is the key to our success. In order to do this, we offer individual coaching sessions. Coaching is our unique way of helping you learn to keep challenging yourself and realize your academic goals. We work with you as your partners by assisting you in developing your skills, hidden talents and resources. At UC Davis Extension, you are not alone. We are there, by your side, committed to your success!

Receive Personalized Attention for Your Particular
Linguistic Needs in Our Multimedia Resource Center (MRC)

You will have access to our Multimedia Resource Center for more extensive individual skills practice. Our 25-station MRC is a model for English language programs throughout the United States. It is equipped with computers, VCR/DVD players, Language Master Technology, satellite TV and an extensive library of software and audio-visual materials. You can work individually or with teachers on grammar, pronunciation, conversational skills and vocabulary development, or you can use practice materials to prepare for the TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE and GMAT. In addition, our two 20-station computer laboratories provide students with state-of-the-art computer technology and Internet connectivity. Composition, public speaking, TOEFL, business writing, American media, discussion, TOEIC and computer skills classes are held here. During open hours, students can use self-paced training programs, do Internet searches, work on homework and access email accounts.

Attend a U.S. University

Acceptance into American universities, unfortunately, has turned into a very time-consuming, complex process, taking months (and even years) of planning. Many U.S. families hire personal counselors who recommend classes and extra-curricular activities while students are still in high school. They also advise on where to apply, admissions essays, test preparation support, etc. Most students need help through this process. All of this and more is available at the UC Davis Extension Advising Center. For a small fee, students applying to graduate or undergraduate schools can receive help from experienced, knowledgeable academic advisors. They help students:

  • Understand the American higher education system
  • Obtain information about specific universities and colleges in the United States
  • Prepare for the TOEFL, GRE and TOEIC exams (including academic essays)
  • Understand and complete university/college admission papers, including advice and help with the critically important "statement of purpose"