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UC Davis

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is unique within the University of California system. It offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs as well as professional schools of law, management and medicine. Ranked #9 among public research institutions in the country, UC Davis supports numerous laboratories and off-site facilities throughout the state. The faculty is recognized worldwide for its distinguished scholarly and scientific achievements in diverse programs in the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Letters and Science. The UC Davis campus is home to more than 31,300 undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Academics—UC Davis offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and 88 graduate programs — the largest variety on any University of California campus.
  • Watch Us on YouTube—Social media: It's where the UC Davis community comes together online to share ideas and express our collective creativity. Check us out.
  • Recreation—UC Davis offers a wide variety of recreational facilities and activities.
  • UC Davis in the News—Find out how UC Davis students, faculty and alumni are making news.


UC Davis consistently ranks in the top among public research institutions. Our rankings reflect the university's academic strengths, a strong heritage of international engagement and a commitment to teaching, research and public service. Here is a sampling based on our reputation, value and programs.

  • 5th among American universities in the number of international scholars
  • 8th in American universities based on contributions to society
  • 9th among public research universities nationwide
  • 10th happiest U.S. college campus
  • 11th greenest U.S. college campus
  • 14th of 50 top U.S. universities rated best return on investment
  • 38th top university worldwide (London Times Higher Education, 2011-2012)

UC Davis Extension

With a strong commitment to fostering lifelong learning, UC Davis Extension is the professional and continuing education provider for the University of California, Davis. Through UC Davis Extension, international participants pursue a wide variety of educational offerings. UC Davis Extension also draws international participants to many of its more unique public courses, such as law, agriculture, information technology, business management, viticulture and brewing courses—in traditional classroom and online formats. Extension instructors are UC Davis faculty members and other professionals who are recognized for their expertise and contributions in their respective fields.


UC Davis is among the most academically diverse of the nation's leading public universities. Long characterized by its friendliness and informality and by the particularly attentive undergraduate teaching, UC Davis is also contributing richly to the discovery of new knowledge and the mastery of pressing societal problems. The campus's reputation attracts a distinguished faculty of scholars and scientists. There are approximately 31,000 students who attend full-time, and its undergraduates persist and graduate at the highest rate among UC campuses. The campus stands among the top universities in research funding ($684.3 million in 2010-2011), and its library (Shields) is ranked among the top research libraries in North America, containing more than 26 million volumes.


Life on the campus of UC Davis is relaxed, informal and friendly. There is an abundance of open space that in places creates a park-like atmosphere. Nevertheless, underlying this casual style is a dedication to academic excellence. UC Davis students are serious about their studies, but know that once studying is done there is ample opportunity for recreation—movies, public lectures, performing arts and intercollegiate sports. UC Davis students come from at least 57 California counties, 46 states and 118 foreign countries, thus creating a diverse cultural and intellectual community that enriches all. The exchange of opinions and ideas is welcomed, and the learning environment characterized by mutual respect and understanding.