Our Mission

Education has the power to transform lives.

For nearly 60 years, this statement has been at the heart of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's mission. We believe that professional education plays a vital role in building our economy, improving our community and enriching the lives of the students we serve.

We are passionate about sharing the resources, expertise and knowledge of UC Davis with working professionals around the world. By most measures, we have been successful in this effort. Last year we had nearly 63,000 enrollments and our students came from all corners of the world, from Elk Grove to Azerbaijan.

In the end, the metrics that matter most are the long-term benefits to our students. Have we helped you earn a promotion? Provided the knowledge to keep your job skills current? Given you the confidence to switch careers?

These are the true measures of our success.

Thank you for your interest in UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education and giving us the opportunity—great or small—to help transform your life.

  • Our Work 
  • The Division of Continuing and Professional Education connects working professionals, businesses and students from around the world to the knowledge and resources of UC Davis. We have one of the university’s most extensive educational portfolios, offering academic and non-credit professional certificates, on-campus programs for international students, contract programs for government and corporate clients, conferences and boot camps.

    We also develop and manage UC Davis’ classes and programs on Coursera, which attracted more than 220,000 students last year, and administer several self-supporting master’s degrees in collaboration with graduate groups on campus. 

    As a completely self-supporting division, we’re innovative, entrepreneurial and academic and play a critical role in advancing the university’s outreach mission.
  • Our History
  • Since we were established in 1960, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (then named University Extension) has been characterized by its ability to successfully adapt and evolve to meet the changing educational needs of its students and the modern workforce. Early courses were often based on the passions of the faculty who taught them and many legendary UC Davis faculty and celebrities, including Robert Arneson, Wayne Thiebaud and Martin Yan, taught for the division.

    When then-governor Ronald Reagan cut funding for university-based continuing education in 1968, we became completely self-sufficient and aggressively shifted our focus to creating demand-driven programs for working professionals and their employers. We began offering programs for international students in 1977, started providing contracted training for California’s social services professionals in 1979, and launched UC Davis’ first online course in 1999.

    Today, we offer more than 4,800 online and in-person classes that serve students in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. 
  • Corporate Education – Partner with Us 
  • With our collaborative, solutions-based approach and team of professional instructors, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education creates effective, customized corporate education programs that meet the unique needs of your organization. These affordable, high-quality courses can be offered online, at your site or in our classrooms, and are seamlessly integrated into your existing training program.

    Our expertise in teaching working professional ensures that your employees gain practical knowledge and skills that increase their capacity and improve job performance. Contact us today to learn more about training opportunities for your organization. More information