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Professional Brewers Certificate Program

24 quarter units academic credit, X402.10 & X403.1

This certificate program is designed to provide a legitimate, university-approved qualification for individuals wishing to enter the brewing industry, as well as brewery personnel with no formal scientific training who wish to advance their careers.

This intensive, 10-week program meets six hours a day, five days a week. The curriculum duplicates the first 10 weeks of the Master Brewers Program. Through lectures, the program provides participants with a solid understanding of brewing science and engineering. Student learning is measured through weekly exams and written exercises.

More specifically, the program is designed to provide you with an understanding of:

  • Grain handling, malting, malt analysis and their effects in brewing
  • Brewhouse processes and the control of wort quality
  • Yeast and fermentation processes and their effects on beer quality
  • Finishing beer, sterilization of beer and packaging technology
  • Flow of fluids in pipes and through pumps in a brewery setting
  • Heat transfer through flat and curved surfaces and the effects of insulation and fouling on efficiency
  • Theory and practice of carbonation including mixed gas technology
  • Theory and practice of refrigeration in the brewery

Individuals who successfully complete the program are awarded the Professional Brewers Certificate.


While a degree is not required for acceptance to this program, college-level work in the subject areas listed below is required for success in the program. All minimum prerequisites must be completed in advance of applying. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Applicants must be able to provide transcripts documenting the math requirement and at least two additional subject areas:

  • Mathematics: pre-calculus
  • Biological sciences: microbiology, cell physiology or biochemistry
  • Chemistry: general, organic, inorganic or analytical
  • Physics: heat and mechanics or process control
  • Engineering: topics in mechanical or chemical engineering

Those who cannot document pertinent experience in at least three areas will not be admitted to the program. Such students should prepare at least one year before entering the professional brewers certificate program by taking appropriate courses at a local college.

Practical brewing experience is a plus, but is not required for entrance to the program.

Learn more about the minimum academic prerequisites, and check out our frequently asked questions.



The fee includes all texts and course materials. A nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 and a nonrefundable $125 declaration of candidacy certificate fee are due at the time of acceptance to the program. The balance is due prior to the first day of the program. The fee does not include room and board. This program has been approved for V.A. educational benefits. All fees are subject to change.


Classes are held at the new state-of-the-art classroom facility located at Sudwerk Brewing Co. in Davis. While this world-class microbrewery is not a formal teaching facility, it does allow students the opportunity to observe brewing and packaging operations on Sudwerk’s 65-barrel Steinecker system as part of the curriculum.


If a request for withdrawal is received within the first five days of the class and all course materials are returned, a refund will be granted for tuition fees paid beyond the nonrefundable $1,125 deposit. No refunds will be granted after the fifth class day.


A complete application package must include an application form, transcripts supporting the academic prerequisites, a resume of any practical experience in brewing or related fields and an application fee of $45. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size is limited so early application submission is encouraged.

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The 2019 brewing programs are now full, but we encourage you to submit an application for placement on the waiting list. Applicants who are waitlisted will be offered admission to the program as space becomes available.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of class time. Thank you for the knowledge you instilled in me. It has already made me a better brewer, and I will carry it with me for the rest of my career."

Ryan Myhre, head brewer, Big Time Brewing Co. and Alehous

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