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How to Deal with Difficult People (full day)

The truth is, we all encounter difficult people in our lives and in our work. Despite our best efforts to do so, we simply cannot snap our fingers and ‘make’ difficult people be different (or disappear).  As much as we wish that other people would miraculously change as we sit in a course on how to deal with difficult people, it simply is not the case.  We cannot change or control other people’s behavior.  Instead, we can learn how to better negotiate challenges and work within them, rather than avoid or disengage from them.  We know there are difficult people in every environment, so rather than hope we don’t have to deal with them, this course helps students identify new approaches to working with challenging people.

In this course we offer some invitations or solutions to help YOU better negotiate relationships with difficult people. There is always something that we can do to help ourselves. Through the tools offered in this simple course and guide, participants will learn methods for increasing personal peace and effectiveness when dealing with difficult people!