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Collaboration Services

Collaboration enables people to engage in meaningful work, strengthen relationships, transform conflicts, create opportunities, improve decision-making and address complex challenges. At UC Davis Extension, we make collaboration easier though our facilitation, mediation and public engagement services.


The Collaboration Center facilitates informed policy-making for a wide range of clients and topics, ensuring sharing of relevant information, balanced participation and effective decision-making. The Center will match you with a skilled facilitator who brings relevant expertise on your topic to support your goals while remaining substantively neutral throughout the decision-making process.

Facilitation services typically include:

  • Initial Meeting to clarify the project objectives, timeline and planning team
  • Situation Assessment to define the stakeholders, issues, opportunities and recommendations for next steps
  • Process Design to propose a strategy and agenda to bring stakeholders together effectively
  • Facilitation of meetings, strategic planning, workshops, retreats, forums and conferences
  • Evaluation Summary providing participants' feedback about the event
  • Final Report including key discussions, decisions, next steps as well as the facilitator's summary of lessons learned and recommendations for further activity


Collaboration Center mediators provide services to resolve conflicts for workplace disputes and complex public policy issues to achieve balanced solutions among diverse stakeholders. The Center's team has a successful record of resolving conflicts within and between state agencies, universities, companies and communities.

Public Engagement

The Collaboration Center helps clients engage with diverse stakeholders in order to include local knowledge and improve decision-making, build consensus, minimize project costs and delays and stay relevant to public concerns. With expertise in multicultural engagement, the Center can help you meaningfully involve stakeholders from different cultures, languages, beliefs and ages in decisions that affect their lives. Center consultants can offer relevant experience on complex and controversial projects and recommend tools and techniques for outreach and to fully engage diverse stakeholders in decision-making.

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Contact Us

The Collaboration Center is pleased to create and deliver custom training to suit the needs of your organization or community. For further information on custom training, please email or call (530) 757-8777.