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Our programs support the professional development needs of teachers, counselors, specialists and school leaders in the education community. All academic courses are reviewed and approved by the appropriate UC Davis school or college—your assurance of quality content and pedagogy.

New programs are always under development, so please check back with us frequently. Or, feel free to call (530) 757-8786 with your ideas. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Please visit our autism page for an overview of our programs in special education and related skill sets.

UC Davis Extension is pleased to partner with districts, counties and other training providers to collaboratively develop new, customized programs and to assist by providing credit for the training they host to recognize the time and intellectual investment of participants in your own high-quality, rigorous programs.

Below is a list of current partners offering public workshops and institutes:

University of California Partners

UC Davis Area Three Writing Project

UC Davis Center for C-STEM

UC Davis History Project

UC Davis Mathematics Project

UC Davis Sacramento Area Science Project

UC Davis School of Education

UC Cooperative Extension-Forestry Institutes

Partners Outside the University of California

California Environmental Education Foundation

Edible Schoolyard Project

U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife

To examine a list of workshops and institutes for which credit is available, please visit our Professional Development for Educators page. To ensure participants receive full credit, sections will open for credit enrollment after all training is complete. To register for the actual workshops and institutes please visit our partners’ links.

Try our Autism Spectrum Disorder Program for free!

Increase your understanding of autism and your ability to work with children on the spectrum through UC Davis Extension’s online Autism Spectrum Disorder program.
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Credit Services

Partner with UC Davis Extension to provide credit to participants in your professional development events.