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UC Davis Extension Credit for the California Naturalist Program

Earn credit with the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources-created California Naturalist Program, which combines classroom, assigned reading, and field-based exploration of California's unique ecology. Program topics include natural history and geology, native plants and animals, freshwater resources and ecosystems, forest and rangeland resources, conservation biology, and the effects of climate change on California's natural communities.

This course is beneficial for educators, college students, land owners, interested citizens, and managers of botanical gardens, nature centers, or regional parks.Courses are led by experienced instructors, and feature lectures from field experts.

The California Naturalist Program is dedicated to fostering a diverse community of naturalists, recognizing the value of traditional ecological knowledge, as well as encouraging critical thinking about complex environmental issues. Hands-on learning, communication training, and interactive learning are used to engage participants and provide them with scientific literacy and critical thinking skills.

For more information on the California Naturalist Program, visit their website: http://ucanr.edu/sites/UCCNP/

California Naturalist Program graduates can receive four units of credit through UC Davis Extension

Criteria for receiving credit:

  • Tell your California Naturalist Program instructor that you would like to receive credit through UC Davis Extension
  • California Naturalist Program instructor must confirm your graduation by submitting your name to UC Davis Extension Student Services within two weeks of your completion of the program
  • Contact UC Davis Extension within four months of graduating from the California Naturalist Program
  • Pay the $80 fee
  • Provide your contact and billing information to UC Davis Extension Students Services
  • Request a copy of your transcript ($15) that includes your 4 credits from UC Davis Extension
  • Be sure to check with your educational institution to ensure your credits will be transferable
California Naturalist Program