Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management Certificate Program

Program at a Glance

  • 2 Courses, Complete in 5 Months
  • Online
  • $2,500

Estimators, project managers and engineers within industries that have complex jobs requiring large capital outlays—such as construction, waste management and manufacturing—face constant risk of cost overruns, contract disputes and delays. While measures exist to mitigate these risks, traditional methods of estimating and cost management often cannot keep pace with evolving technologies, changing approaches to contracts and procurement and other external pressures.

Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management Program solves this problem by equipping professionals with a contemporary set of skills, behaviors and knowledge that will help them evolve to meet emerging challenges and opportunities head-on.

Who is this program for?

This program has been designed for any construction professional involved at the front end of a construction project, including design or early construction planning, such as estimators, owners, design professionals, project managers and general contractors.

What You’ll Learn

In this intensive, four-course program designed for professionals with experience in estimating, project management and civil or project engineering, students will learn advanced techniques in active estimating, integrated cost management, Lean practices, and the application of new technologies that support integrated project delivery (IPD). By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate Target Value Design and Delivery concepts to the current state of preconstruction processes
  • Apply a systematic approach to managing cost throughout the life-cycle of a project, product, or service
  • Plan and control resources, costs, profitability and risk
  • Test preconstruction and integrated cost management processes
  • Integrate new technology and innovations in project management and estimating
  • Apply behavioral estimating practices that increase predictability
  • Apply cost estimating and integrated cost management principles, methodologies, and technology in support of the management process
  • Manage the perception of risks and how they are addressed

What You’ll Get

When you enroll in Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management Program, you’ll receive:

  • Access to veteran estimators who combine theory with practical knowledge for a well-rounded academic experience
  • Class projects and case studies that provide dynamic, real-world training in emerging technologies and new methods of project delivery
  • Unique networking opportunities with instructors, professional associations and fellow students that can help advance your career
  • Convenient online format that allows you to take your education wherever you go
  • Academic credit through the UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • The national median salary for a cost estimator is $65,049 (EMSI, 2020)
  • Cost estimator jobs are expected to grow 9% by 2028, which is faster than the national job growth average (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Top five states for cost estimator employment: California, Texas, Florida, New York and Ohio (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This program requires completion of 12 required units of designated course work with a grade of “C” or better.

Course content is frequently revised to ensure that the program is up to date with the latest industry standards. For this reason, you must complete all of the course requirements of your certificate within five years from the day you enroll in the first course. A certificate will not be awarded if the requirements are not completed and your application for candidacy is not received within this timeframe.

For additional information about our enrollment policies, please click here.

Required Courses

Active Estimating Concept and Application

Learning Objectives

  • Apply behavioral estimating philosophies that create differentiation in the marketplace
  • Operate objective and subjective estimating applications and ratio processes
  • Test visual and conceptual estimating methodologies
  • Apply Target Value Design in construction
  • Employ consensus building techniques for stakeholder communication

Technologies in Project Management and Estimating

Learning Objectives

  • Use BIM for quantity takeoff and analysis
  • Apply BIM for risk review and estimating
  • Implement BIM for cost management
  • Practice rapid cost feedback to design through cloud computing
  • Integrate new technology and innovations in project management and estimating

Value/Risk Management and Conceptual Behavioral Estimating

Learning Objectives

  • Discover risk perception and its connection to behavioral/stylistic approaches
  • Assess analytics and strategies used in active estimating
  • Apply statistics and trend considerations to cost probabilities
  • Adapt and utilize Building Information Management (BIM) processes to align with traditional estimating
  • Integrate value opportunity and risk option analysis management to include strategic estimating concepts in early design
  • Experiment with Target Value Design in construction

AEiCM Capstone Course and Final Project Report

  • Perform effectively in a project delivery system with a focus on Design & Build and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Describe how to include and expand the roles of project delivery participants throughout the project lifecycle
  • Influence pre-construction and trade design assist to integrate contractor means and method to design
  • Complete analysis that requires the learner to:
    • Perform alternatives analysis
    • Apply engineering methodologies
    • Create a conceptual estimate
    • Create detailed estimates
    • Communicate through blueprint and BIM models
  • Compile observations and findings in a final report for feedback and evaluation
  • Execute the design of a building system
  • Perform active estimating and integrated cost management techniques
  • Apply Lean processes, such as Last Planner Systems and Choosing by Advantages to planning and decision making

Entry points into the Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management program occur three times a year, with cohorts launching in the fall, winter and summer quarters.

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Cohort Start
Cohort Start
No Cohort Cohort Start
  • Fees: $6,500
    • Cost includes 4 courses, required software, application fee and certificate fee. Upon approval of application, students must enroll in the full certificate. Payments can be made in one lump sum or in 4 installments.
    • If fee is paid in installments, $1,625 will be due at time of enrollment, and the balance of your tuition will be due three (3) weeks prior to the start of each subsequent course.
  • Materials: The cost of course materials for the entire program is approximately $300-400 (in addition to the program fee).
  • Withdrawal/Refund: If your plans change, a request to drop (or transfer) from the certificate to another offering of a series or course must be received prior to the course start date and may require a processing fee of $30. Drop requests (withdraw with a refund) for each course will be approved, less a $30 processing fee, if the request is received within the first two weeks of the course start date. Click here to view complete enrollment policy information including details on withdrawals and transfers.
    • Requesting a drop from the full series prior to the start of the first class will be processed with a full refund, less a $30 processing fee. Contact the program coordinator to discuss changes to the certificate course offerings.
    • Students have the first week of class to enroll with the understanding that students who enroll after the first day of class are expected to reach out to their instructors to make sure they receive all content and are on track with the course.