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Construction Management Certificate Program

Employment of construction managers is expected to grow 17 percent from 2010 to 2020.--U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Many opportunities exist for construction professionals with the right set of skills. To be successful, you must remain competitive during fluctuating economic cycles. Enhance your knowledge of the construction industry and expand your capacity for leadership with the Construction Management Certificate Program.

Acquire the business and technical knowledge to thrive in this challenging industry. Program advisers are business leaders with firsthand experience of issues and current trends. Learn a comprehensive, systems-based approach to construction management, and gain valuable insight into the construction industry. Leverage today’s opportunities, and remain dynamic.

About the Program:

Gain practical knowledge that matters

  • Learn to prepare winning bids
  • Gain the ability to manage construction projects of any size
  • Accurately determine construction methods, labor needs and time estimates
  • Acquire the ability to supervise and monitor all construction activities
  • Discover practical methods for day-to-day management of construction projects

Designed for professionals like you

This program benefits construction managers, owners, contractors, architects, engineers, framers, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, foundation layers, commercial and residential construction professionals, and real estate and financial leaders.

Learn from the best

Our instructors are construction professionals with practical experience in construction management, law, accounting, insurance and consulting. They use case studies to bring theoretical principles down to earth. Our program advisers are leading members of the business community who have first-hand experience with the construction industry. They advise UC Davis Extension on issues and trends, and provide valuable insights into training needs from the employers' perspective.

The North State Building Industry Association and the Sacramento Builders Exchange endorse this program. Members receive a 10 percent discount on their course enrollment fees with proof of membership.

Advisory Board:

  • Jim Cardin, project executive, Balfour Beatty Construction
  • John Cooper, regional manager, Associated General Contractors of California
  • Doug Patrick, CCM, CEng., senior associate, Hatch Mott MacDonald
  • Steve Durham, chief of construction services, California Department of General Services
  • Russell Green, ASPE president, estimator, Swineton Builders
  • Tim Murchison, vice president, URS Corporation
  • Michael Self, executive director, Builders Exchange of Stockton
  • Mark Steenburg, chief of contract administration, California Department of Water Resources—Division of Engineering/Construction
  • Ken Stram, vice president/principal, Psomas
  • Michael Strech, president, CEO, North State BIA (Building Industry Association)
  • Peter Tateishi, president, CEO, Sacramento Metro Chamber
  • Myron Temchin, vice president, senior program director, Parsons

Courses Approved By:

UC Davis Department of Civil Engineering

Program is endorsed by the North State Building Industry Association (BIA) and the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX).

Estimated Cost:

Tuition for the entire Construction Management Certificate Program is $5,265 to $5,565, depending when you enroll. The certificate application fee ($45), textbooks and parking are not included in the tuition fee.

Program Requirements:

Participants will be awarded a certificate in Construction Management upon the successful completion of 19 required units of designated coursework. Courses may be taken individually or as part of a certificate program.


"As a project manager with more than 12 years of experience in public-sector construction management, I have found the content, structure and instruction provided through this Construction Management Certificate Program to be consistently top rate. A variety of leading construction professionals offers valuable insights, updates on industry trends and quality networking opportunities you won't find anywhere else. This program has added tremendous value to my resume."

Jonathan Pike, associate, Sierra West Group, LLC

"As a project manager for a commercial contractor, I continuously work to update and learn new skills. I have found the classes offered through the Construction Management Certification Program at UC Davis Extension to be the best source for furthering my education. I've also been working on earning my bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and have been able to transfer the units earned through UC Davis Extension to that university system. Thanks for offering such a great program."

Ed James

"The UC Davis Extension Construction Management Certificate Program is highly beneficial. The instructors are all from the industry and therefore have a working, practical approach to the subject matter. The evening courses allow working professionals the opportunity to further their knowledge without encroaching on their normal workday."

Henry (Hank) S. Lamon, president, Lamon Construction Co., Inc.

Quarterly schedule of courses

Estimating and Bidding3.0C
Project Scheduling and Management3.0CO
Construction Accounting and Contract Management3.0C
Construction Law and Contracts4.0C
Integrating Construction Management Principles3.0C
Construction Blueprint and Plan Reading3.0C
F=Fall W=Winter SP=Spring SU=Summer; Schedules subject to change.
O = Online C = Classroom OC = Online and Classroom H = Hybrid

Required Courses

3.0 quarter units academic credit X402.2

Estimating Principals That Can Maximize Company Profit

Learn essential methodologies and processes that are important for an accurate estimate. Understand the role of the estimator not only in terms of predicting project cost, but also by recognizing potential risk that impacts the financial bottom line of an estimate. This class is based on the premise that an accurate estimate is built from the following:

  • Thorough examination of all pertinent project information
  • Quantity analysis
  • Information assimilated into an organized format that can be easily understood
  • Analysis and monetary determinations that reflect accurate costs related to production, material, equipment
  • Consider plausible risks that effect pricing
  • The estimating analysis process is to consider the law of diminishing returns when preparing an estimate

Although these are important components that make up an accurate estimate, they are certainly not exclusive to the make-up of a successful project estimate. This class will dissect each of these along with other important concepts and will examine their rationale. Students will be shown examples and case studies to demonstrate sound estimating practices.

This insightful and practical information will benefit contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, architects, administrators, accountants, project engineers.  This class will not only discuss commonly accepted estimating practices, but also expose the student to new exciting estimating technology that is now common in the estimating profession.

This course is not currently scheduled.
3.0 quarter units academic credit X402.4

Learn a systems approach to project management as well as the historical development of planning methods. From preliminary design to final walkthrough, scheduling is critical for successful construction projects. Focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively plan and control projects of any size. Gain an in-depth understanding of scheduling and project controls. 

Discuss work breakdown structures, project specifications, critical path method scheduling techniques, network analysis by computer using Primavera (P6), resource and cost allocation, and claims management. Know the ins-and-outs of managing a Baseline schedule and updating that schedule from design through construction completion.

This course is not currently scheduled.
3.0 quarter units academic credit X415.3

Gain an understanding of basic accounting concepts and how they apply to the construction industry using a team approach to cost management. Construction management teams must anticipate, monitor and control the various components of every job.

Beginning with an introduction to accounting, learn cost accounting principles and applications. Examine profit and loss statements, cash flow evaluation, revenue projection, job management and closeouts. Learn to monitor construction progress and payment schedules and to administer contracts and computer applications for the construction industry.

Sections of this course open for enrollment:
4.0 quarter units academic credit X406.1

Learn How to Better Manage Your Contracts and Projects

Discover how to recognize legal issues that can arise during the construction process in this overview of construction law. Gain insights into rules of bidding and the rights and liabilities of contractors and design professionals, including the law of mechanic’s lien, stop notices and payment bonds. Learn about: 

  • Remedies and obligations
  • Performance
  • Contractors’ license law and bond requirements
  • Mediation, arbitration and court trials for dispute resolution
  • Public works projects
  • Contract phraseology

Explore contract theory and contract administration, and consider managing and mitigating risk. Review the importance of documentation, the effects of change orders and industry trends for controlling cost.

This course is not currently scheduled.
3.0 quarter units academic credit X415.4

Discover how to take a holistic approach to the management of your construction projects. Learn to step back and take a look at the big picture and integrate all you know into the development of a comprehensive strategy. Improve your decision-making and your bottom line by increasing your efficiency and effectively guiding  your team.

Using case studies, explore the entire lifecycle of a construction project, including design development, budgeting, contracting methodologies and construction oversight. Guest lecturers join the instructor to provide additional depth and topic-specific expertise.

This course is not currently scheduled.
3.0 quarter units academic credit X406.25A

It is crucial for anyone involved in construction and manufacturing projects to have the ability to read and understand blueprints and building plans. Whether you're in the field or in the office, you need to know how the site plan affects the building plan, what building departments look for in plan checks and how plans affect contracts.

Explore the design-and-build method of the construction process. Focus on reading and applying blueprints and plans from conceptual drawings to final construction. Improve your understanding of change orders and profit margins.

Sections of this course open for enrollment:

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  • Track your progress in the program in your student account.
  • Work with a program adviser to answer your questions and help you navigate through the program.

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This program is endorsed by:

North State Building Industry Assocation

Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange