Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

Program at a Glance
6-12 months

Thank you for your interest in this program from UCI Division of Continuing Education. UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education is excited to partner with our sister campus to expand our offerings to you. Students will enroll, register and pay all fees for this program through the UCI Division of Continuing Education. Upon completion of the program, UCI will provide a certificate of completion as well as an official course transcript.


Supply chain management is not just a process for reducing costs and achieving greater operational efficiencies within an organization. Although these are important considerations, modern supply chain management involves the strategic alignment of end-to-end business processes to achieve market and economic value, as well as competitive advantage. Effective supply chain management is achieved by an organization proactively adopting initiatives to move suppliers and customers into collaborative relationships for mutual gain. Business professionals who want to make a significant impact on the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of their organizations should consider learning more about supply chain management and its value for companies operating in a competitive global marketplace.

This program is designed for individuals in service and manufacturing companies seeking to improve the effectiveness of their supply chain. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the new work processes necessary to acquire goods and services; ways to impact the company's bottom line through lower costs and lower prices; ways to partner for streamlining the acquisition of goods and services process; and new skills necessary in the areas of communication, business planning and global acquisition. Successful completion of this program will enable participants to achieve competitive advantage in the growing field of supply chain management.

Who Should Enroll

This program is targeted to analysts, supervisors, managers, directors, and executives responsible for managing or working in a supply chain.

What You'll Learn

  • Evaluate the key supply chain management processes and procedures
  • Practice communications skills specific to the supply chain management professional
  • Develop strategies to achieve market success
  • Create tactical plan to implement successful supply chain operations

Occupational summary for purchasing managers:

  • 73,731 Jobs (2018)
  • 7.2% Projected Growth (2018-2028)
  • $83k-$147k Annual Salary (25th-75th Percentile)

A certificate is awarded upon completion of four required courses with a grade of “C” or better for a total of 16 units (160 hours) of instruction. To become an official candidate in the program, students pursuing the certificate must submit a Declaration of Candidacy with a non-refundable $125 application fee. Students are encouraged to declare candidacy as soon as possible, but no later than after the third course in the program. To receive the digital certificate after completing all program requirements, students must submit a Request for Certificate. All requirements must be completed within five (5) years after the student enrolls in his/her first course. Students not pursuing a certificate are welcome to take as many individual courses as they wish.

  • Program cost: $3,000*
  • A one-time, nonrefundable registration fee of $125 must be paid before completing this certificate program


*excludes books and other fees

Course Title Online Enroll Start Date
  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • How supply chains are managed affect an organization’s success. Learn the basics of supply chain management and the effects the system has on organizations. Organizational strategies, synchronization of the supply chain, use of technology to maximize the value of the supply chain, and managing challenges when implementing systems across various sectors will be explored. (4.00 units)
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  • Supply Chain Management Communications
  • To compete effectively in today’s global marketplace, a company must have a competitive supply chain. The ability to communicate rapidly and accurately along the supply chain with customers and suppliers, locally and globally, enhances supply chain competitiveness. Communication is considered one of the most significant skills anyone can have, and making certain that it is at the forefront of your interaction with your team is what can make you a successful supply chain manager. This course focuses on the practical application of business communications, best practices, motivation, conflict resolution, negotiation, stress management, and effective leadership in the supply chain context. (4.00 units)
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  • Supply Chain Management Strategy
  • Strategic decisions about supply chain have far-reaching implications and should reflect an organization’s overall strategy. Learn the strategic aspects of supply chain successfully used in today’s international marketplace. Strategic supply chain methodologies and best practices in the areas of product development, customers, manufacturing, vendors and logistics will be explored. (4.00 units)
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  • Supply Chain Management Tactics
  • Tactical decisions about supply chain should focus on producing cost benefits and should coincide with an organization’s overall operational plan. Learn how to maintain good long-term buyer-seller relationships. Supplier management best practices in the areas of just-in-time inventory, logistics, and handling emergency situations and special requests will be explored. (4.00 units)
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Course schedules are subject to change. Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate.