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Get the Practical Skills Employers Are Looking For

Our Web Development Certificate Program provides the foundational skills, experience and connections needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven workforce. The program is ideal for those wanting to enter the web development field or those in other professional positions looking to take on web development responsibilities at work.

What You’ll Learn

No prior experience with coding? No problem. You’ll start with the basics and then work your way into more advanced programming and website/app development as you go. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the Web Development Certificate Program:

  • Learn market-driven skills in HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL and dynamic tools such as JavaScript and AJAX
  • Design and build dynamic, modern websites
  • Advance your programming and coding skills with project-driven coursework
  • Develop the communication, project management and organizational skills needed to succeed in collaborative tech environments

How You’ll Benefit

Designed in partnership with IT staffing firms and web development companies, the Web Development Certificate Program is tailored to meet the needs of today’s professional workforce. Benefits of this program include:

  • Enjoy convenient online courses
  • Create a portfolio of websites to showcase your knowledge and skills
  • Get free job placement assistance with our partner, TEK Systems
  • Gain career flexibility, as web development skills are in high demand across many industries

Fast Track

This certificate program has a Fast Track option. Note: Enrollment in the Fast Track is only available in fall and spring quarters.

  • Salary range for website and web app developers: $100,250-$142,000 (2019 Jobs Report, Robert Half Technology)
  • Job growth for web developers is expected to increase by 15% over the next 10 years in the U.S. and 21% in California (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • There are just over 5,000 web development jobs advertised in the U.S. each month, and almost 12,000 globally. (
  • Web developers rank high for job satisfaction based on above average upward mobility, below average stress level and high flexibility, according to US


Program Requirements: This 15-unit program consists of the following five required courses. Course content is frequently revised to ensure that the program is up to date with the latest industry standards. For this reason, you must complete all of the course requirements of your certificate within five years from the day you enroll in the first course. A certificate will be awarded if the requirements are completed and your application for candidacy is received within this timeframe.

Required Courses

Creating Functional Websites
Quarter Academic Credit

Design and build your own professional and attractive web pages. Learn the basics of the “language of the Internet” through hands-on coding with HTML and CSS.  Discover how to construct your own web pages by using the concepts involved with CSS and HTML5, including such fundamentals as lists, menus, hyperlinks, images, forms, tables, frames and other customizable parts. Explore the creation and production processes involved in website development by examining web interface technologies and their applications. The final project for this class can serve as a portfolio piece to showcase your capabilities to prospective employers.

Course Code
Web Programming with JavaScript
Quarter Academic Credit

Once you have an understanding of how to build static web pages, learning JavaScript is the next step in creating dynamic interactions with your web pages. JavaScript is built directly into web browsers, so learning it requires no extra software tools. Learn the power of JavaScript and discover how to create highly functional, interactive pages that can respond to the web browser and user input. Although a programming background is helpful, it's not a requirement for learning the powerful features of JavaScript. While this is not specifically a programming course, students will learn a great deal about programming while learning JavaScript.

Course Code
Server-Side Scripting with PHP
Quarter Academic Credit

Transform basic websites into interactive experiences using PHP, the most commonly used server-side scripting language.  Server-side scripting languages allow you to create dynamic interactions that are driven by programming logic, data from databases and server files, or content based on user input. Explore dynamic graphics using PHP, as well as the world of syndication and web services.  You’ll also learn how to create secure applications that can handle unexpected user entries. 

Course Code
Database Design-Development and Management
Quarter Academic Credit

Gain a hands-on introduction to the basics of modern database terminology, architecture, design and creation, as well as how to access stored data. Acquire the skills to describe the functions of a database management system and its internal components, and construct logical data models for the implementation of a specific database requirement. Students will also learn how to code simple SQL statements to create, retrieve, update and delete data values stored in a relational database.

Course Code
Creating Web Applications with AJAX
Quarter Academic Credit

AJAX has been described as “the special sauce” that makes web magic happen. In reality, it’s a combination of technologies working together to create highly interactive web content. AJAX combines HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and server side scripting to allow fully dynamic page content without the need to reload pages in the browser, including database-driven content. Learning AJAX combines the skills learned in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Database Development and PHP into a complete package, allowing you to build any type of website or web application you need.

Course Code

Required Courses

Required Courses Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Creating Functional Websites 3 Online Online
Web Programming with JavaScript 3 Online Online Online
Server-Side Scripting with PHP 3 Online Online
Database Design-Development and Management 3 Online Online
Creating Web Applications with AJAX 3 Online Online
  • Program cost: $4,125 (or $825 per course)
  • Save nearly $750 when you enroll in the Fast Track option. You’ll get a 15% discount by paying for the full certificate program up front, and we waive the $125 certificate registration fee.
  • See each course offering for other discount opportunities
  • A one-time, non-refundable certificate fee of $125 must be paid before completing this certificate program (Fast Track enrollments excluded)

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Ready to advance your career? Pick the option that best suits your needs and your lifestyle:

  • Register for the certificate program. Fill out a brief  certificate intent form and pay the registration fee. By doing so, you declare your intent to complete the program, lock in program requirements and will be contacted by a program adviser who will work with you to map out your academic path.
  • Enroll in the Fast Track. Enroll in our Web Development Fast Track Certificate Program and we’ll waive your $125 registration fee. A program representative will contact you to discuss your academic path.
  • Enroll in an individual course. Check out individual courses that are currently open for enrollment. Courses will be applied to the certificate program if you later decide to complete your certificate.
  • Sign up for a free information session. Learn more about the program by enrolling in a free online information session. If an information session for this program is not currently open for enrollment, click on “notify me,” and we’ll contact you when the next one because available.

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