Bicycle Planning in Transportation Planning

Understand the critical elements of planning and design for bicycle circulation. Examine broad legal and policy issues, community-wide planning, policy needs and detailed designs for bicycle systems and facilities. Topics include:

  • The legal and statutory basis for bicycle travel
  • Transit-oriented, "new urbanist" and other livable community models and how bicycle systems can fit
  • Integrating bicycle use into regional and local policies, plans and systems
  • Design requirements for bike use in neighborhoods and roadway projects
  • Safety, lighting, signage and disability issues
  • Funding, financing, permitting and regulations
  • Detailed bicycle system/facilities planning and design

The second day includes a half-day guided bike tour through the City of Davis and the UC Davis campus. Examine a series of innovative development projects scattered around the city, as well as the bicycle systems of the city and campus. The half-day "bike-around" is optional and does not require highly skilled or athletic riding. You will be outfitted with a bike and helmet. You may bring your own bike.

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