Green Architecture

Quarter Academic Credit

The average American house is 2,400 square-feet and uses more than 13,000 board-feet of lumber, 6,000 square-feet of sheathing and 2,000 square-feet of flooring—putting a strain on our natural resources. Rising energy costs, a shortage of building materials, growing consumer demand and environmental awareness are forcing architects, designers and building professionals to seek better and more efficient ways to design our buildings. 

This course explores the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with green building and sustainable design. Examine innovative residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and low- and high-density specialty buildings. Evaluate the micro- and macro-economic issues associated with green buildings.

Focus on the holistic and geometric aspects of green design, and discuss how comprehensive building design can respond to the needs of occupants and environmental circumstances. The course will also examine specific building technologies, such as thermal, water and lighting control systems, and how to use them. 

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