Green Building Materials and Construction Methods

Quarter Academic Credit

Learn to implement green building practices into homes, apartments, business complexes and office buildings. Utilize materials and techniques that promote healthy, durable and environmentally-responsible construction. Increase your understanding of helpful tools and resources, including green building rating systems. Discover the latest and best green construction methods changing the landscape of the building industry. Explore life-cycle assessment methods of materials and be a better-informed designer or builder when selecting materials. Examine sustainable construction methods used in today's green commercial and residential buildings in relation to their energy and environmental impacts and benefits. Hands-on exercises provide innovative solutions you can put to use immediately.

Topics include:

  • Desirable characteristics of sustainable materials and how to assess and quantify them
  • Concept of "cradle-to-cradle" product analysis and its application to building materials
  • Sustainable site design materials and landscaping systems
  • Alternative structural systems (including adobe, strawbale and rammed earth)
  • Salvaged materials and material reduction
  • Building commissioning and modular systems and design
  • Construction and demolition waste diversion
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