Quarter Academic Credit

In this overview of occupational health hazards you will learn how such exposures can be recognized, evaluated and controlled. Designed for those responsible for employee safety, this course discusses how industries are regulated and how to apply industrial hygiene principles in the workplace. Gain a basic understanding of industrial hygiene that will allow you to communicate safety principles to employees, perform some environmental evaluation and evaluate independent industrial hygiene consultants. This is a required course for the Workplace Health and Safety Certificate Program, the Intensive Health and Safety Certificate Program and the Health and Safety Training Professional Concentration.

Please note: As of Summer 2015, this core course--Industrial Hygiene (4 days)--is being replaced by Introduction to Industrial Hygiene (2 days) and Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Monitoring Instruments (2 days). Students who have already completed the 4-day Industrial Hygiene course do not need to take Introduction to Industrial Hygiene and Industrial Hygiene Sampling & Monitoring Instruments to complete the Workplace Health and Safety Certificate Program. If you have questions, contact us at (530) 757-8607.

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