An Introduction to Environmental and Social Sustainability

This intensive, one-day workshop addresses the most frequently asked questions about the application of environmental and social sustainability in an organizational and corporate context. What is it? What is the business case? Is it practical? What are the key models and concepts? What are others doing? How can I apply these concepts in my organization or company (or smaller team or work group)?

This workshop is targeted toward small business owners, corporate or agency sustainability staff, future entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations and charitable foundations. Participants will practice with simulated case examples, hear what other organizations are doing and have time to consider ways these practices could apply in their own enterprise. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to articulate the societal and business case for sustainability, will have learned practices and tools for building these tools into innovative new projects, initiatives and business possibilities, and will have identified next steps for engaging others in building a sustainable future. Topics and concepts that will be covered in the workshop include:

  • Key definitions of environmental and social sustainability
  • Examples and case studies of organizational and business sustainability initiatives
  • Environmental and social sustainability models and paradigms (Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line, B Corporations, Cradle to Cradle Design, Natural Capitalism, Natural Step, Biomimicry, etc.)
  • Organizational and corporate environmental and social sustainability accountability and reporting
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