Management Development: Effective Management Practices

Helping good managers become great leaders.

Meet one day a week for three weeks and increase your knowledge of best management practices. Learn to develop as a manager and become more valuable to your organization. New and mid-­level managers will improve their ability to lead, manage and empower others in today’s increasingly complex and ever changing business environment. Three sessions cover:

The Manager’s Role

Examine and practice the essential elements that all managers must have in place to properly manage, lead and coach their teams. Develop self-awareness by assessing your leadership style and craft a clear leadership and management point of view. Practice how to set expectations, and explore ways to motivate and coach employees to create a culture that supports accountability, performance and engagement.

Communicating for Results

A major challenge that confronts managers is the ability to influence the thinking and behavior of others, particularly employees, peers or even one’s own supervisor. Explore your communication style through the personal DiSC assessment, and discover how to more effectively communicate with your team. Hone in on the critical role of providing effective feedback to enhance performance and obtain results.

The Manager as a Team Leader

Effective teams increase performance, add to employee retention, help to create greater engagement, and lead to a more creative and healthy workplace. On the other hand, dysfunctional teams can cause unnecessary stress, high turnover and a toxic work environment. Improve your understanding of the dynamics of effective teams, and learn strategies for motivating, developing and strengthening your teams.   

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