Overview of Fluvial Geomorphology

Rivers shape the landscape, sustain ecosystems and link the headwaters of watersheds to downstream wetlands. This course provides an overview of fluvial geomorphology, using a holistic watershed approach that highlights the important connections between hillslopes, river channels, floodplains and estuaries. Participants will learn how fluvial processes, water and sediment interact to shape diverse river systems.  Topics include: 

  • watershed systems
  • fluvial processes and morphology
  • ecological interactions
  • effects of land uses
  • restoration of fluvial processes

The focus of this course is designed to expand your knowledge of factors that affect flooding, sediment erosion, transport and deposition. You will gain an understanding of fluvial system responses to various land use disturbances, and, thereby, develop insights that provide a foundation for the best watershed management decisions and restoration efforts.

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