Rethinking Transportation Planning in Uncertain Times

COVID-19, economic recession, declining revenues, and heightened health and equity concerns are changing time-honored practices for the provision of transportation services.  Communities and transportation agencies are rethinking the ways they predict and measure transportation needs and their opportunities to address those needs.  This class will cover the major changes that will affect our approaches to planning transportation projects in the context of changing trends in travel, including:

  • Declining transportation revenues
  • Declining transit use and the survival of transit services
  • Increases in working from home and remote schooling
  • Overall substitution of communications vs transportation
  • Ride-hailing business models and political and economic influence
  • Rising delivery trips, declining shopping trips and the future of retail
  • Opportunities to re-think streets, curbspace and parking
  • Growth in induced travel and vehicle trips and miles per capita
  • Autonomous vehicles, how and when to be ready
  • Opportunities to take advantage of the pending paradigm shifts
The course will describe approaches being undertaken in the transportation profession to understand these trends and emerging strategies for addressing them.
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