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Supervisory Skills and Management Development Online Information Session

Join us to learn about two of our premier Leadership Development programs: the Supervisory Skills Series and the Management Development Program.

Which program is right for you? Tune-in to this online information session to find out. 

At UC Davis Extension, we know what it takes to be a leader in business education. Learn to motivate and empower your staff and attain your own professional objectives through a series of leadership courses designed for leaders at every level: supervisors, managers and executives. Take the next step in your professional development and come learn about our unique programs: 

Supervisory Skills Program: Series I & II

Supervisors have the responsibility to manage not only their own time and performance, but their staff's as well. Build a strong supervisory foundation, and learn current best practices with our half-day fall and spring courses.

Management Development: Effective Management Practices

Being an effective manager is an ongoing process, made only more complex by today's every-changing business climate. Learn and improve your organizational and personal management strategies with practical, results-oriented techniques in just five sessions.

Find out how these dynamic programs can help you meet your professional goals.

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