Using Master Plans, Specific Plans and Community Plans to Create Great Places

Local governments can use specific plans as tools to plan for needed revitalization and change in existing neighborhoods and in new development areas. Specific plans can help create great communities by providing detailed planning and design guidance, and by focusing attention on specific development areas. They can jumpstart new development in depressed areas and ensure the public gets the quality it desires in any new development.

Receive an overview of specific plan preparation, with an emphasis on balancing planning, design and financial considerations. Course instructors include a planner/urban designer and a real estate economist, who will give you an understanding of how land use, design and market issues interact in specific plan development.

Topics include:

  • Legal requirements for specific plans
  • Land use planning
  • Urban design concepts
  • Market studies to determine appropriate uses
  • Design guidelines
  • Community involvement
  • CEQA review
  • Fiscal impact analysis
  • Plan implementation
  • Financing techniques

You will also learn how to scope and budget a project, hire consulting assistance if necessary, and finish the project on schedule and on budget.

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