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New Data Course for Healthcare Leaders

In today’s metric-driven environment, healthcare leaders who can access and understand their operational data can save time, make better decisions and improve patient outcomes. Data and the Healthcare Leader, a new course offered in Sacramento at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s One Capitol Mall location, is designed to help healthcare directors and operational leaders understand how to work with their analyst teams to get the data they need.

Through hands-on activities and practice presenting data, participants will learn how to identify the information they want and how to ask for it. Co-taught by Kevin Vieira, director of operational analytics at UC Davis Health, and Jamie Meador, a senior operational excellence consultant with Adventist Health System, this course offers a unique opportunity to network with other healthcare leaders and gain skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Topics include: how to identify key quality and performance indicators, how to create a validated and tested data request, tools for sharing operation data and more. Learn more about this and other Healthcare Analytics courses.

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