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Student Spotlight: Jaimie Asakawa

Jaimie Asakawa is a strategic marketing specialist who was used to jumping from one contract position to the next, a reality for many young professionals in the fast-paced job market of Boston, MA, her hometown. When she relocated to the Sacramento area, however, she found that she needed to realign her skills to be more competitive in the local market.

“Having a strategic marketing background, I enjoy contributing to the growth of organizations,” said Asakawa. “But I’ve found that I’m also interested in helping organizations become more adaptable and agile. I want to identify ways to make business processes and communications more efficient and effective. I want to shore up business infrastructure.”

After doing a little job hunting in the area, she discovered a demand for business analysts, a profession that spoke to her interest in helping drive growth and efficiency.

So, she started exploring how she could get the skills needed to work in the field. “I was in the process of looking at an MBA when I stumbled across UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Business Analysis Certificate Program,” said Asakawa. “And after doing some more research, I decided that the program was going to take me in the direction I wanted to expand my career.”

Now halfway through the four-course program, Asakawa has found the courses to be a good challenge. “So far I’ve completed Foundations of Business Analysis and Business Analysis Planning and Execution: Planning the Work and Working the Plan, and I’ve really been impressed with the quality of the learning and how applicable it is to my previous experience and taking it a step further,” she said. “This is also my first time taking an online course. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve really enjoyed the webinars and interactions with instructors and students.”

Asakawa is looking to apply her newly acquired skills to an organization that aligns with her personal mission. “Sacramento is booming,” she said. “I want to help a company that’s interested in growing with the region in an efficient and progressive way.”

If you’d like to contact Jaimie Asakawa about an employment opportunity, you can reach her at her LinkedIn page.

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