Horsepacking Adventures student Raul Carlos outside

Student Spotlight: Raul Carlos

Raul S. Carlos enrolled in Mountain Horsemanship: Veterinary Care and Horsepacking in the Wilderness as part of his continuing education. As an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran with the CA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Carlos was considering a career in guiding or packing when he found UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s courses in Horsepacking Adventures. He currently works for Rock Creek Pack Station, where he is able to apply what he learned in the class.

Raul Carlos riding a mule
Raul S. Carlos riding during the Mountain Horsemanship course. 

What drew you to this course?
The draw for me was the educational aspect, but it was a big adventure for me also!

What aspects of the course did you find most valuable?
This one is hard to answer, there were so many important aspects: packing, learning to tie out horses in the wilderness, Leave No Trace principles, riding, saddling and feeding, as well as the courses on nutrition, choke and colic. I am now much more observant of mules and horses.

What aspects did you find most memorable?
Riding was the most memorable for me. We rode every day to different places. The day before we returned to Cottonwood Pack Station, the mule I rode jumped across the creek—it was pretty exciting!

Tell me about the instructors in the course. Was there something an instructor said that really stuck with you?
Craig London, the owner of Rock Creek  Pack Station, gave a course on Choke and Colic, which was very valuable, as I was able to use that lesson in a real-life situation. All the instructors were very professional and really took the time to make sure we understood the material. They answered all our questions, whether during a lecture or when we were just talking and a subject came up.

Would you recommend this course?
Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone who works around horses and mules, but especially to those who ride horses in wilderness areas. This course offers a wealth of information, from how to take the vital signs of a horse and administer intravenous injections, to nutrition and care—topics that may benefit horse and rider!

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