40-Hour Mediation


Mediation is a crucial tool often used to resolve legal disputes and other matters of political, business or social conflict. In this course designed for prospective and practicing mediators, as well as professionals who often negotiate solutions to complex problems, you’ll learn and hone the skills needed to successfully mediate for your clients and stakeholders.

Through a combination of recorded and live, online lectures you will learn the basic stages, steps and skills of mediation, with a focus on the facilitative mediation process. Class lessons will also focus on when mediation is and is not appropriate, and the ethical issues involved in such assessments. Roleplay exercises will help train and reinforce practical techniques for identifying and convening parties, creating and maintaining a productive environment, interest identification, consensus building, issue framing, agenda setting and other crucial mediation concepts.

By the end of this course, you will possess a solid understanding of fundamental mediation concepts and will be equipped with essential best practices for effectively mediating disputes. You will have also completed the mandatory 40-hour training required by the Dispute Resolutions Programs Act (DRPA), and will be qualified to participate in DRPA mediation programs in the State of California.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish when mediation is and is not appropriate
  • Compare and contrast different styles of mediation, including facilitative, transformative, narrative and evaluative approaches
  • Understand and apply DRPA of California standards
  • Create a productive climate for conflict resolution through:
    • Negotiation and asserting process ground rules
    • Establishing and maintaining rapport
    • Active and empathetic listening
    • Reframing
    • Interest and commonality identification
    • Collaborative framing of issues
    • Agenda setting
    • Facilitating option generation
    • Guiding option evaluation
    • Observing and evaluating process dynamics and intervention (reflective practice)

Skills You Will Gain

  • Mediation
  • Communication
  • DRPA administrative standards

Who Should Enroll in this Course

  • Potential or practicing mediators
  • Professionals: Lawyers, managers, therapists, social workers, planners, teachers, real-estate agents
  • People who must work collaboratively with other parties while negotiation solutions to complex problems
Section Number
Instruction Method
Online class

Section Notes

This is an online, remote learning course, which consists of content and curriculum that is taught with pre-recorded and real time lectures, in addition to real-time lecture/Q&A sessions with the instructors. Pre-recorded lectures and live sessions are accessed via our Canvas learning system and Zoom. 

This course is open October 2 - November 10, with live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-11:00 AM PST. 

Attendance of the live sessions is mandatory to receive credit for this course.

We allow registration through the 12:00 PM PST (noon) on the first day of the course. We cannot extend course access beyond 11:59 PM on last day of class, so students pursuing a late enrollment acknowledge that they will have less time to complete the materials. Please contact the course representative with any questions. 

Enrollment Policies

Drop requests (withdraw with a refund) will be approved, less a $30 processing fee, if the request is received by the refund deadline: September 25, 2023.  Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date. Click here to view complete enrollment policy information including details on withdrawals and transfers.

Technical Requirements

To ensure your success in this online course, please review our technical requirements page.



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Members can receive 10% discount on the course fee by entering the Coupon Code.  If you don’t have your association discount code, contact UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Student Services at (800) 752-0881.