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Data Visualization

Online Course Series in Data Visualization with Tableau

Knowing how to create effective presentations of data findings is an increasingly sought-after skill in many industries today–government, manufacturing, financial and healthcare, just to name a few.

This series of instructor-led online courses goes beyond basic how-to skills in data visualization and delves deeper into both theory and practical applications, including using tools to design interactive dashboards to facilitate exploration of data.

Who should attend

This series is ideal for data-oriented analysts working in the public or private sectors, as well as “citizen data scientists” who want to create more sophisticated and user-friendly dashboards and more compelling data stories.

The series is open to those with varying levels of experience—those new to data visualization will benefit from the introductory course, while those with experience using Tableau will quickly advance their skill level in the second and third courses, where they will create portfolio-quality deliverables, including interactive dashboards, infographics and data stories.

Courses at a glance

  • Course 1—Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau–teaches functional visual communication and information design principles and then moves on to hands-on skills with Tableau
  • Course 2— Tableau Dashboards for Exploratory Data Analysis—deepens the instruction with a focus on exploratory analysis (dashboards, interactivity, user-focused design)
  • Course 3—Visual Data Explanations—deepens the instruction on explanatory analysis (infographics, data stories, presentational focus) as well as technical skills needed to get, clean, load, and prepare data from multiple sources.

Learn from experienced professionals

Course instructors in this series are practicing professionals in data visualization and are dedicated to sharing their expertise and expanding students’ knowledge and skills in the delivery of visual data.

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