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The changing context of healthcare services, including the trend from volume to value-based purchasing and the role of data in promoting improved outcomes, requires a new approach to analysis and decision making- healthcare analytics. Healthcare analytics is comprised of practices and standards to select, prepare, analyze, interpret, evaluate and present clinical and operational data for the purposes of improving outcomes in quality, effectiveness, efficiency and safety.  

Developed with UC Davis faculty and analysts as well as industry experts, the program provides a broad background in analytical skills for clinicians, researchers, managers, consultants and IT professionals.

Please see the Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program main page for full details. 

Note that we offer a SAS Primer course for those with limited or no relational database experience. 

Statistics is a prerequisite for our Applied Healthcare Statistics course. Please see the FAQs and the Statistics Skills Inventory to determine if you should take a refresher course prior to taking Applied Healthcare Statistics.


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