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Whether you’re new to marketing or you’re a seasoned marketer looking to brush up your skills, our Digital Marketing program offers the training you need. 

Our Strategy of Content Marketing course is designed in partnership with the leading content-marketing authority, Copyblogger. Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on delivering relevant, valuable content including case studies, white papers, FAQs and profiles, in order to develop a relationship with the target audience that leads to customer loyalty. In our course, not only will you learn the basics of content marketing, but you’ll practice writing compelling copy, and you’ll leave with the knowledge to use content marketing to build your professional brand. 

NOTE: This course offers continuous enrollment. You may enroll at any time, and you will have six months to complete the course from the date you enroll. 

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Strategy of Content Marketing course co-developed with Copyblogger

Watch a Sample Lesson: The Structure for Effective Content

The Strategy of Content Marketing - Free Sample Lesson by Sonia Simone

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