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Land Use and Natural Resources

Our award-winning Land Use and Natural Resources program gives you the tools and concepts to tackle the toughest land use planning and natural resource management challenges. Courses cover a broad range of topics, including infrastructure, public policy, land use planning, transportation, environmental regulations, water quality, resource management, habitat conservation and more. Discover why planners, attorneys, public agencies, consultants and engineers rely on UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for the latest land use and natural resources training and regulatory updates.

Sections Open for Enrollment

Course Title Online Start Datesort descending Enroll
Introduction to NEPA
01/23/2019 Enroll Now
California's Regional Conservation Investment Strategy Program
01/24/2019 Enroll Now
Planning in California: An Overview
01/24/2019 Enroll Now
Annual Land Use Law Review and Update
01/25/2019 Enroll Now
CEQA: A Step-by-Step Approach
02/01/2019 Enroll Now
Land Use Planning for Non-Planners: An Introduction to Planning in California
02/08/2019 Enroll Now
Groundwater Law and Hydrology
02/13/2019 Enroll Now
Planning and Sustainability Online Information Session
02/20/2019 Enroll Now
Urban Planning and Design Studio
02/21/2019 Enroll Now
Mitigation Measure Development and Monitoring
02/22/2019 Enroll Now
Development Agreements, Public-Private Partnerships and Redevelopment 2.0
02/28/2019 Enroll Now
Successful CEQA Compliance: An Intensive Two-Day Seminar
02/28/2019 Enroll Now
Overview of California Water Law and Policy
03/01/2019 Enroll Now
Endangered Species Regulation and Protection
03/06/2019 Enroll Now
Affordable Housing
03/07/2019 Enroll Now
Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology
03/07/2019 Enroll Now
CEQA Update, Issues and Trends
03/08/2019 Enroll Now
Introduction to Environmental and Social Sustainability
03/13/2019 Enroll Now
Subdivision Map Act: Part I
03/21/2019 Enroll Now
Climate Action Planning and Implementation
03/22/2019 Enroll Now
Overview of Environmental Statistics
04/02/2019 Enroll Now
Community Involvement and Communication in Planning
04/04/2019 Enroll Now
CEQA: A Step-by-Step Approach
04/08/2019 Enroll Now
Successfully Complying with NEPA: Intermediate and Advanced Topics
04/10/2019 Enroll Now
Thresholds of Significance in Environmental Planning
04/12/2019 Enroll Now
Cultural Resource Management: CEQA, NEPA and Section 106
04/19/2019 Enroll Now
Understanding the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: An Overview of Delta Governance and Regulation
04/26/2019 Enroll Now
The General Plan in California
04/26/2019 Enroll Now
Developing and Writing Effective CEQA Documents
05/08/2019 Enroll Now
Redesigning the Zoning Ordinance
05/10/2019 Enroll Now
Planning and Environmental Law
05/16/2019 Enroll Now
Planning and Sustainability Online Information Session
06/05/2019 Enroll Now
Law and Policy of California Interstate Waters
06/07/2019 Enroll Now
Public Real Estate Transactions
06/12/2019 Enroll Now

Courses Not Currently Scheduled

Course Titlesort descendingNotify Me
Adaptive Management for Environmental ProfessionalsNotify Me
Advanced NEPANotify Me
Advanced NEPA Roundtable: Solutions for Addressing Challenging IssuesNotify Me
Advancing Your Career as an Environmental ProfessionalNotify Me
Air Quality AnalysisNotify Me
Airports and Land Use Compatibility PlanningNotify Me
Bald and Golden Eagle Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act ComplianceNotify Me
Bicycle Planning in Transportation PlanningNotify Me
Caltrans Environmental Compliance: Categorical Exemptions and Categorical ExclusionsNotify Me
Caltrans Environmental Compliance: Fundamentals of Section 4(f)Notify Me
Caltrans Environmental Compliance: Introduction to Cultural Resources ComplianceNotify Me
Caltrans Environmental Compliance: Nuts and Bolts of Environmental Document ReviewNotify Me
CEQA and Climate Change: An In-Depth UpdateNotify Me
Clean Water Act Section 404: Nationwide and Other Specialized PermitsNotify Me
Clean Water Act, Section 404: Nationwide and Other Specialized Permits for CA State ParksNotify Me
Developing Groundwater Sustainability Plans: Strategies and ProcessNotify Me
Developing Groundwater Sustainability Plans: Strategies and ProcessNotify Me
Ecosystem Services and MarketsNotify Me
EIR/EIS Preparation and ReviewNotify Me
Environmental Justice and NEPA: Overview and Update on Recent DevelopmentsNotify Me
Environmental Planning and Site AnalysisNotify Me
Financial Aspects of PlanningNotify Me
Groundwater Management: Legal and Engineering PrinciplesNotify Me
Groundwater Management: Management Alternatives and TechniquesNotify Me
Habitat Conservation Plan ImplementationNotify Me
Habitat Conservation PlanningNotify Me
Integrating Climate Action and Resiliency into the Planning ProcessNotify Me
Introduction to Fall Birds of Northern CaliforniaNotify Me
Introduction to Freshwater EcologyNotify Me
Introduction to NEPANotify Me
Introduction to Plant IdentificationNotify Me
Introduction to Spring Birds of Northern CaliforniaNotify Me
LAFCO: Planning and Regulating the Boundaries and Service Areas of Cities and Special Districts in CaliforniaNotify Me
Land Preservation TechniquesNotify Me
Land Use and Environmental Planning in the Era of Climate ChangeNotify Me
Land Use and Environmental Planning Professional Education ShowcaseNotify Me
Low Impact DevelopmentNotify Me
Mitigation and Conservation BankingNotify Me
NEPA Case Law and Policy UpdateNotify Me
NEPA Overview and RefresherNotify Me
NEPA Streamlining and the FAST ActNotify Me
NEPA Webinar SeriesNotify Me
Overview of Environmental StatisticsNotify Me
Planning and Mitigation on Tribal LandsNotify Me
Planning Tools to Create Healthy CommunitiesNotify Me
Politics and PolicymakingNotify Me
Practical Guide to Updating the General Plan and Preparing Specific PlansNotify Me
Project Planning for Permit IntegrationNotify Me
Salmon BiologyNotify Me
Spawning Habitat RestorationNotify Me
Special Status Amphibians and Reptiles of Northern CaliforniaNotify Me
Specialized Study Program in Sustainable Groundwater ManagementNotify Me
Streambank Assessment and RestorationNotify Me
Subdivision Map Act Part I & IINotify Me
Subdivision Map Act: Part IINotify Me
Sustainable Erosion Control: Effective BMPsNotify Me
Sustainable TransportationNotify Me
The Intersection Between Transportation and Land UseNotify Me
Tribal Water Law and PolicyNotify Me
Updating Transportation Analysis in CEQA: How to Effectively Implement SB 743Notify Me
Using Master Plans, Specific Plans and Community Plans to Create Great PlacesNotify Me
Vested Rights, Vesting Maps and Development AgreementsNotify Me
Water Quality Regulation and PermittingNotify Me
Wetlands Regulation and MitigationNotify Me
Writing for Planners, Engineers and PolicymakersNotify Me