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Course Title Online Start Datesort descending Enroll
German Cinema – The Comedies
01/28/2019 Enroll Now
The New Governor and Legislature: Challenges and Opportunities
01/28/2019 Enroll Now
Timely Topics
01/28/2019 Enroll Now
POTUS in Review
01/30/2019 Enroll Now
Light in August (Faulkner)
01/30/2019 Enroll Now
Stop the Presses! Journalism in the Movies: Part 2
01/30/2019 Enroll Now
21st-Century Science Roundtable
01/31/2019 Enroll Now
Women’s Rights- The Struggle Continues
01/31/2019 Enroll Now
Anatomy of a Musical
01/31/2019 Enroll Now
British Political Ballads
01/31/2019 Enroll Now
A Technological History of Fire: Part 3 (Oil, Gas and the 20th-Century Energy Revolution)
02/01/2019 Enroll Now
Reading The New Yorker
02/01/2019 Enroll Now
Physics of New Materials
02/01/2019 Enroll Now
Ethics and California’s Right to Die Law
02/12/2019 Enroll Now
“CSI” Crime Scene Investigation: Hollywood vs. Reality
02/14/2019 Enroll Now
Living and Working Abroad
02/21/2019 Enroll Now
Sacramento Country Crime Lab: DNA/Serology Investigation
02/22/2019 Enroll Now
Theodore Roosevelt: The First “Modern” President
02/22/2019 Enroll Now
Bouncing Back: Community, Resilience and Curiosity
02/26/2019 Enroll Now
The Protestants: 500 Years of History: Part 1
02/27/2019 Enroll Now
Counting on Puppets
02/28/2019 Enroll Now
Poetry: Meaning and Messages
02/28/2019 Enroll Now
Edible Container Gardens
03/01/2019 Enroll Now
Take One: Self-reflection in Comedies on Filmmaking
03/04/2019 Enroll Now
Burrowing Owls
03/05/2019 Enroll Now
Wayne Thiebaud: California Icon
03/07/2019 Enroll Now
Slavery: America's Original Sin: Part 1
03/12/2019 Enroll Now
The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in South Africa
03/14/2019 Enroll Now
Genesis 1 - 11: The Primeval History
03/14/2019 Enroll Now
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Tour
03/20/2019 Enroll Now

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