Essential Knowledge for Supervisors and Managers

Learn to drive the success of your organization by acquiring the relevant, practical knowledge you need to help move your organization forward. As a supervisor or manager you have the responsibility to manage not only your own time and performance but those of your staff. Learn to identify the skills sets, strengths and gaps of your staff and how to help them develop professionally. Acquire the ability to assess, coach, mentor and grow collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and project management skills in your team.

These half-day, Sacramento-based training programs will help you build a strong supervisory foundation, so you can help your organization, and yourself, become more successful. Each series offers a wide variety of topics and allows you to spend up to five consecutive weeks enhancing the particular skill areas you need. You'll return to your workplace ready to put into practice what you've learned. You can take the courses individually or together as a series (save $150 when you enroll in a series). Topics include:

Series I (offered in fall)

Series II (offered in spring)

Career Outlook

Organizations are evolving to a point where supervisors and managers must go beyond simply managing policies and procedures and learn to coach and mentor their staff so they develop the skills needed to meet common organizational goals. In our rapidly changing world, supervisors with such abilities are in demand and cross over into nearly any industry—large and small, low-tech to high-tech.

Our classrooms are conveniently located in Sacramento at One Capitol Mall. **Note: Due to COVID-19, our One Capitol Mall classrooms are closed until further notice. All classes are being offered in a remote-learning format.


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