Remembering Keith Young and the Brotherhood

“I don’t know if you heard that Keith Young passed away. Babsy (my sister) told Denny that it was announced in church last Sunday." Church is the St. James Parish Church that we all attended when we were teenagers growing up in Montego Bay, Jamaica. “Denny called to tell me.”

Ben Cooper MD

In medical school, when I was first being groomed and charged with caring for my fellow man, one particular set of encounters stands out as profoundly life influencing. At the core was a charismatic clinician-teacher. He immersed me in study of the nervous system, but more importantly into the deeply affecting human experience of intense and sympathetic engagement with a person seeking help for illness. I left medical school wanting to pursue a career in neuroscience guided by a prime role model of how people should be treated.

The Passing of Lois

I open the newspaper at the obituaries, and a flood of memories arises. Joseph Whitmore, aged 93. I never laid eyes on Joseph. So it was not his death that jolted me, so much as a small comment in the brief notice: loving husband of Vilma, loving father of Greta, and Lois (deceased). Deceased Lois, yes, I remember.