California Water History: Navigating the Seven C’s

The history of water in California is colorful, insightful, and arguably, one of the most manipulated and impacted natural water regimes on earth. It is also one of the most complex institutional, regulatory and legal water management frameworks ever envisioned. This course will provide a handy guide to how we got here – and offer some game changing policy recommendations for how we might move forward in a more sustainable way. From early Conflict to environmental Collapse; from two centuries of Competition to three decades of attempted Cooperation and Collaboration; and toward an era of Conservation and Continual dispute resolution, this class will chart those turbulent waters. Examining not just the history of water use, but of water quality efforts and efficiency, California’s water wars and water wins may provide insight about how to manage other scarce and critical natural resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Employ a working knowledge of the language and culture commonly used amongst water professionals in California
  • Analyze major issues, historical fights and solutions, and relevant facts of the State’s rich water history
  • Appraise broad game changing ideas of improvements to the State’s water policy and institutional framework for managing water sustainably
  • Differentiate and interpret the various major laws and institutions that arise frequently in water related situations and projects

Skills You Will Gain

  • Water policy
Course Code