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Our Continuum of Leadership Programs

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education offers leadership training that meets you where you are in your journey as a leader. From Supervisory Skills, to Management Development, to Executive Leadership, our training programs provide the right training at the right time in your professional development. We also offer Specialized Skills Courses on topics such as coaching and Conversational Intelligence, to help you strengthen your existing leadership skills.

Supervisory Skills Program

If you are a new supervisor or have not had formal supervisory or management training, these are the right courses for you.   | View Courses

Supervisory Skills is offered in two series, and each series includes five, half-day courses. Series I is offered in fall and Series II is offered in spring.

Knowledgeable supervisors who communicate well, know when and how to delegate and prioritize, and can mediate conflict are exceedingly valuable to any organization.

These half-day class sessions provide you with practical skills that you can immediately apply when you return to work. You can take the courses individually or together as a series (save $150 when you take them as a series).

Management Development Program

If you want to learn best practices to motivate and develop your team, this program is right for you.   | View Courses

Management training is essential to becoming an effective leader. These three, full-day courses focus on the critical skills you need for effective team management, such as how to impact the performance of your team, how to successfully coach your team and motivating your team.

Experienced instructors, with expertise in management, guide discussions throughout these courses to help you improve your ability to lead, manage and empower others.

UC Davis Executive Leadership Program

Develop your ability to confidently guide your organization. This application-only program is intended for senior managers and executives who want to solidify their roles as leaders and lead more effectively.   | View Courses

This program consists of eight interactive sessions offered in spring and fall each year.

You will use a 360-degree assessment to evaluate your own leadership practices and receive important feedback on how others perceive you. You will also receive two coaching sessions designed to solidify what you have learned and facilitate growth. The first coaching session takes place after the 360-degree assessment, and the second session occurs after the program is completed. Each of the eight sessions is taught by individual experts in their fields.

Leadership Specialized Skills Courses

These specialized skills courses are excellent for all leaders. They cover common challenges faced by nearly everyone in a leadership role and take a deeper dive into a specific topic.   | View Courses

In these three-day courses, you will learn new strategies and techniques for developing your team, improving your communication with others, coaching your staff, moving through change, leading effectively and more. Put what you learn into practice immediately to improve your ability to bring about positive change and meet organizational goals. 

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