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Instructor Spotlight: Jennifer Rohrs

Viticulture consultant Jennifer Rohrs brings her background in plant ecology to the classroom. As an instructor in the Winemaking Certificate Program, she aims to anchor students in the biology of the vine itself and introduce them to all the interactions that happen in the vineyard.

Student Spotlight: Beth DeLashmutt

After raising a family, Beth DeLashmutt returned to college and completed her bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Inspired by learning how communication impacts daily life, she decided to continue her education in mediation and completed the Conflict Resolution Professional Concentration. Now, she’s looking ahead to gaining experience in the field and continuing to expand her knowledge.

Student Spotlight: Christopher Simon

As an adult learner, Christopher Simon has been taking continuing education classes since his early 40s, focusing on subjects that he overlooked in his younger days. He recently completed the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program to improve his understanding of the legal process and help him as a political science professor and researcher.