Redesigning the Zoning Ordinance

Zoning ordinances shape the appearance and function of all land uses in a community. The practice of how communities use zoning regulations to achieve development goals continues to evolve, and many cities and counties look to ordinance updates to achieve their development objectives. Discover how to transform your zoning ordinance into a more understandable, streamlined, defensible and effective planning implementation tool. Leading California zoning experts will provide effective principles for revising and updating city and county zoning ordinances and discuss solutions to specific ordinance concerns raised by attendees.

Topics include:

  • Correlating zoning ordinance provisions with general plan policies and standards
  • State-of-the-art zoning ordinance structure, format/style and graphic design for creating easy-to-use documents
  • Zoning districts: how many, what types, when to use overlays and combining designations
  • Development standards: type, specification, performance approaches, graphic support and representation
  • Form-based codes, hybrid codes, design guidelines and sustainable development practices
  • Content-neutral sign regulations, nonconforming uses and other controversial regulatory issues
  • Steps to faster, effective and thorough development permit review procedures
  • Computerizing the zoning ordinance
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