Customized Certificate Programs

Customize Your Learning Experience

Create your own unique certificate program by combining courses from more than one certificate program. When you design your own program, you will combine different subject areas to produce a certificate program that meets your career goals. The Customized Certificate Program coordinator is available to help you work out the details of your program. While you may combine up to three subject areas to create your custom program, we strongly recommend combining only two programs.

Design Your Program

Design your Customized Certificate Program by evenly dividing your required core courses between the subject areas. Then choose elective courses from the certificate programs you are combining to complete your program.

Customized Certificate Program Requirements

Hours of instruction: The minimum number of hours required to complete a UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Customized Certificate Program is 210 hours (21 units).

Program Cost: The average cost to complete a Customized Certificate Program is approximately $3,200-$7,700 excluding books and other materials. You will be required to pay the $125 certificate registration fee when you submit your application.

When to Apply: You may take up to three classes in a certificate series before requesting to create a Customized Certificate Program.

Time to Complete: This will depend on the availability of courses that comprise your certificate program. On average, it will take approximately two years if you take one course per quarter. You will have up to five years to complete your program, including those classes taken prior to submitting your application. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

How to Apply

Complete and submit the online application. You will be advised within two weeks of submitting your application whether your course of study has been approved. The final decision on the design of all Customized Certificate Programs is made by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.


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