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4 online courses

Expand Your Portfolio of Marketable Skills

Successful web designers know how to write their own code, use visual authoring software and create dynamic web graphics–skills in high demand in today’s web-centric business world. The Website Design Professional Concentration focuses on the essential knowledge and skills needed to build functional, attractive websites. This program is ideal for anyone who designs—or wants to design—websites for professional or personal use. Graphic designers, marketing specialists and other business professionals who want to add website design and development to their arsenal of marketable skills will also benefit from this program.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn market-driven skills in HTML, CSS and tools such as JavaScript
  • Design and build dynamic, modern websites that incorporate best practices in user interaction/user experience
  • Advance your programming and coding skills with project-driven coursework
  • Develop the communication, project management and organizational skills needed to succeed in collaborative tech environments

How You’ll Benefit

  • Enjoy convenient online courses
  • Create a portfolio of websites to showcase your knowledge and skills to employers
  • Refresh or fill any gaps in your previous training and stay current on developments in the field
  • Prepare yourself for expanded career opportunities as a result of developing high-demand web skills
  • Salary range for web designers: $88,250-$126,500 (2019 Jobs Report, Robert Half Technology)
  • 88% of web developers are satisfied or highly satisfied with their careers, listing work-life balance, job flexibility and salary as the top reasons for their satisfaction (
  • Variety of work: Finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transportation and government are a sampling of the many industries seeking web professionals

Program Requirements: This 12-unit program consists of the following four required courses. Course content is frequently revised to ensure that the program is up to date with the latest industry standards. For this reason, you must complete all of the course requirements of this program within five years from the day you enroll in the first course.

Required Courses

Creating Functional Websites
Quarter Academic Credit

Design and build your own professional and attractive web pages. Learn the basics of the “language of the Internet” through hands-on coding with HTML and CSS.  Discover how to construct your own web pages by using the concepts involved with CSS and HTML5, including such fundamentals as lists, menus, hyperlinks, images, forms, tables, frames and other customizable parts. Explore the creation and production processes involved in website development by examining web interface technologies and their applications. The final project for this class can serve as a portfolio piece to showcase your capabilities to prospective employers.

Course Code
Web Programming with JavaScript
Quarter Academic Credit

Once you have an understanding of how to build static web pages, learning JavaScript is the next step in creating dynamic interactions with your web pages. JavaScript is built directly into web browsers, so learning it requires no extra software tools. Learn the power of JavaScript and discover how to create highly functional, interactive pages that can respond to the web browser and user input. Although a programming background is helpful, it's not a requirement for learning the powerful features of JavaScript. While this is not specifically a programming course, students will learn a great deal about programming while learning JavaScript.

Course Code
Web Design and Production
Quarter Academic Credit

Learn fundamental web design principles while practicing web production techniques using HTML and CSS. Review web standards and current best practices for the production of professional websites. Study the theories behind current best practices, learn how and why these practices were developed, and where to go to follow current web design and development trends.

Structured around the production of a series of website designs, which start simple and become more complex, this course provides students with the opportunity to practice and build upon their HTML and CSS production skills, as well as study design principles within the context of actual web designs.

Course Code
User Interaction Design for the Web

This course presents basic- to intermediate-user interaction design concepts within the context of web and mobile applications. Focus will be on application of user- centered design and usability concepts to create design patterns that lead users efficiently and effectively to their goals. Basic user testing and research will also be covered as a means of generating data that can be used to iterate and optimize student projects.

Course Code

Required Courses

Required Courses Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Creating Functional Websites 3 Online Online
Web Programming with JavaScript 3 Online Online Online
Web Design and Production 3 Online
User Interaction Design for the Web Online
  • Program cost: $3,300 (or $825 per course)
  • See each course offering for other discount opportunities

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